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Description of SunEyes TThis software is specifically applied to SunEyes T Series P2P Plug and Play IP-Camera.SunEyes Gr

Description of SunEyes T

This software is specifically applied to SunEyes T Series P2P Plug and Play IP-Camera.

SunEyes Group Co., ltd. Is a rapidly growing backed integrated high-tech manufacturer with a strong experienced design team to assist you all aspects of IP Camera, digital video, network video communication, video audio code, image processing and embedded OS. SunEyes boasts a broad product offering that includes IP Camera and Network Video Server, Encoder, Decoder with self-developed Management Software, CCTV Cameras, Super DVR, NVR, Wireless CCTV Kits, etc, which is widely used in government networks, financing, energy resource and trafic management, as well as city surveillance and other fields.
The T Series Apply the newest Plug and Play tech to completely solve problems in installing IP-Camera, using the SunEyes T Series IP-Camera, this truly more easily to be acceptable by common consumers.

What is the main features for the p2p:

1.P2P Plug and Play: No need to configure the router, just plug the power and cable, even you know nothing about the network or even you did not have computer, just need one android or iphone mobile will be easily to install .Compare to the normal ip camera, this suneyes p2p plug and play no need to know the camera ip, gateway, ddns, and most of the important, no need to do the portforwarding from router then just a UID Code will be able to view from outside network.

2.Some special network can not use the normal ip camera, like some network can not supply the real wan ip, school network, 3g network, village network, etc .this complex conditions using the normal ip camera only can be viewed from the local network, but if have and using this suneyes p2p plug and play ip camera will be easily go through all kinds of netowrks without any problems.

The program is designed for plug and play network p2p suneyes T series cameras.

Plug and Play network using the latest technology, completely solve the network camera installation, use difficult. Making the network camera can really be received ordinary consumers.

What are plug and play product features:
1: p2p plug and play, do not set up, as long as the power cable plugged in, do not own a computer network knowledge can be DIY installed, no computer can be installed, as long as you have a cell phone can also be installed. Compared to ordinary network cameras, save the complicated set-up process, users do not know what IP address, gateway, domain names, and more importantly, do not do port mapping in router in it.
2: Normal network camera can not be used in places where it can be used, and many domestic CRC, residential broadband, Great Wall Broadband and other complex network environment, the traditional network cameras can not adapt to such a complex environment, so many users to buy, only to see the network Look, would like to see the impossible remote networks, with plug and play suneyes T series products, more complex environments, but also one to wear off, without any setup

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